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A macbook that says “designers should always keep their users in mind” in dark blue text on white background. On the right hand side there is a dark blue triangle and inside that triangle there is a light blue triangle upside down. On the bottom of the website there is a light blue rectangle with the text “only then can you create truly innovative solutions”.

The Part Of Marketing That Isn’t Taught Or Talked About

When I started working in marketing, I came in with the most general and common questions: who are the target personas? what is the customer journey? where is this audience? what campaigns can I create in order to attract this target audience? Though after being in marketing for a couple of years, growing my circles with so many marketing folks- I have come to realize that there are 2 parts of marketing that nobody talks about, teaches, but everyone has to keep in mind. Many products quickly fail because they lack these two big elements: awareness and accessibility. We need to start also asking ourselves “is this campaign accessible”, “is this campaign tone deaf?”, “are we being aware of the current climate when releasing this campaign?”.

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Founder of Shenna.Co🌹• Twitter: @sheetaverma • Fibromyalgia Warrior 💜 • Indian-American feminist trying to sort out the world with her own words•

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