Comparing Instagram Reels, Byte, and TikTok.

General Overview Of The Trio:

TikTok is not just a creators app for people to watch dances and “how to” videos. TikTok has given the capability to quickly edit videos in no time, merge them with other videos and images, add filters, effects, along with allowing to change the speed of the video itself. These functionalities are extremely user friendly and allow for people to quickly edit their content and have it published in a matter of minutes. Tik Tok allows the content to be up to 1 minute which is extremely helpful for people to create meaningful content. Therefore, when I think of competitors, my initial thought is that they are competing when it comes to the content creation- though this is not the case.

My Personal Review:

As a small creator (not influencer) it is important to me that the videos I create aren’t time consuming. Along with that, I want do little to no editing outside the app itself.

Founder of Shenna.Co🌹• Twitter: @sheetaverma • Fibromyalgia Warrior 💜 • Indian-American feminist trying to sort out the world with her own words•

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